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Lose weight safely with coffee bean extract

13 Aug

After a Houston weight loss doctor mentioned it in an article, losing weight by adding green coffee bean extract to one’s diet has become a topic of serious conversation among everyone looking for ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay physically fit.

The benefits of this amazing extract are just now coming to light as more people are using the product and seeing results. Scientific research shows by adding the extract to your diet, you can shed even more pounds without having to make any significant dietary changes.

Some potential users are worried that the extract will increase nerves and jitters, but scientists who have tested the product insist it is just not the case. The extract, with just about 20 mg of caffeine per serving is relatively low when you are looking at about 100 mg in a regular cup of coffee. Therefore, that overly-caffeinated, nervous feeling just simply doesn’t show up in people who add the extract to their health routines.

The secret ingredient is in the chlorogenic acid. This magic substance is said to slow down the levels and amounts of glucose the body releases into the bloodstream while, at the same time, increasing metabolic processes in the liver and increasing energy. These extracts also contain polyphonic compounds with anti-oxidants that can repair cell damage while offering much-needed protection from free radical damage.

How this magic acid works is really quite simple. As it speeds up metabolism, fat is burned when the liver is told to stop producing the glucose and releasing it into the blood stream. What happens next is great news for anyone trying to shed a few pounds. The body will actually burn up fat that has been stored elsewhere while using the glucose for other necessary bodily energy requirements. The chlorogenic acid also has an added bonus for men, as it is said to help with erectile dysfunction.

In one study conducted at the University of Scranton, researchers asked 16 overweight people to take pills over a period of 22 weeks. Some of the capsules contained low doses of the coffee bean extract, while others contained much higher levels and others were just placebos.

The participants ended up losing an average of 17 pounds and did not make changes to their normal routines. They reported significant decrease in total body fat, one thing we all wouldn’t mind regularly seeing less of!